Windwalker: Forbidden Flight

In the heart of the ancient desert lies a secret. Not one concealing jewels, treasure, or even an ancient tomb, but an entire people, hidden for a thousand years among the stony buttes and mesas.

For sixteen years, Kiva has grown up climbing those buttes, hunting poisonous lizards, and learning to fight with her two older brothers. But all of that is about to change. The Proving Ceremonies are around the corner, and with them comes the pressure to choose a profession befitting a young woman. But Kiva, an outspoken youth whose mouth lands her in trouble as often as not, has never been one for tradition. Her eyes are ever turned upward, hoping to glimpse one of the deadly four-winged raptors that scour the desert skies. It is upon their backs that the windwalkers ride, keeping watch over her people. But women are strictly forbidden from joining the windwalker sect. What’s more, the flying predators are said to kill any female attempting to bond them. With stubborn determination, Kiva formulates a bold plan that is as likely to leave her exiled or dead, as it is to succeed.
But this is only the beginning of the dangers she will face. When signs of an ancient enemy appear upon the plains, a threat arises that will soon bury them all in a tomb of sand and stone—unless she can stop it.