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Free Novella

Pilgrim Sanax is searching for her father. It’s been twelve long years since his last transmission was received. Now, she stands at the threshold of a million year old waygate—one of the many built throughout the galaxy—preparing to step into the very world on which her father last set foot.

Character Bios

Anzien Tsierig

One of the newly featured characters from Vigilance, Book Two of The Aeternum Chronicles, goes by the name of Anzien – you may remember her from her brief appearance in Recreance. Unfortunately for Anzien, things do not start out so well. Luckily, she is tough as nails, and cunning as a fox. We’ll just have to see if her talents are enough to keep her alive.

“When she’d first heard of the impending attack two days ago, she had been hopeful for the survival of her fortified town and its people. That hope was now dead, and from its corpse rose a deep, foreboding dread.”

Atticus Ryland Walcott

Sometimes new characters appear as dictated by the book itself. I never intended to bring Atticus (or Ryland, as he prefers) into The Aeternum Chronicles, but he found his way in nonetheless.

Most in New Arcadia would consider him exceedingly lucky. As an only son born to one of the richest families in the colony, he wants for nothing. As is tradition for men of the Ryland family, Atticus begrudgingly accepts his duty to join with the Ministry Protectorate, and serve two years as a city ward.

Little does he know, a great threat looms, originating from the very institution that has made his family so wealthy. Will he stand up and fight for the citizens of New Arcadia, or will he rely on his father’s wealth and influence to keep him safe?

Find out in Exodus, Book Two of the Aeternum Chronicles.

Artwork by: Frank Frazetta



noun literary

mist or fog.
“the birds rise like brume”

If you’ve ever wandered through the Wyrewood Forest at night, then chances are, you’ve encountered the brume without even realizing it. The normally reclusive creatures are often accompanied by a thick fog, helping them to confuse and disorient prey. Feeding on larger forest creatures like bears and deer, the brume will usually leave humans alone…unless of course, one were to wander into their domain.

Should you find yourself staring in confusion at a shadowy version of yourself, only to discover an icy thin blade in your gut, then you have met your first (and last) brume. You may take solace in the fact that you are one of the lucky ones, as those taken alive suffer a fate far worse than death.

Discover the brume, and a host of other dangers in Exodus, Book Two of the Aeternum chronicles – coming January 2018.

The Tesseract

In geometry, a tesseract is the four-dimensional analog of the cube; the tesseract is to the cube as the cube is to the square. Just as the surface of the cube consists of six square faces, the hypersurface of the tesseract consists of eight cubical cells.

Behold the Tesseract, an inter-dimensional being with such depth and complexity, that merely observing it can have dire consequences. The geometric shape above is a two dimensional representation of this four dimensional entity. Alas, it is the only safe method that exists for comprehending it.

“Any interaction it has with another being allows it to see the web of possibility streams connected to that being. Everything your life is, was, could have been, and will ever be.”

But such knowledge does not come without cost…

“An encounter with the Tesseract is an intimately powerful exchange. It is one that will change you, permanently. It doesn’t simply answer your question, it shows you a multi-dimensional vision of your entire existence—all the paths your life could take. The vision it imparts vastly exceeds the comprehension of simple three-dimensional beings like ourselves. The complexity can be so great, so intense and overwhelming, that there can be…consequences.”

Will Oren and Clementine resort to engaging the Tesseract to stop Gabrial from destroying their world?

Discover the Tesseract, and a host of other dangers in Exodus, Book Two of the Aeternum chronicles – coming January 2018.

Obasi ya Tanga

Rank: Midblade
Age: Unknown
Origin: Island of Tanga
Weapon: Greatsword

Standing at a staggering seven feet tall, Obasi ya Tanga is quite possibly the largest warrior the Ko’Jin army has ever seen. Having earned the rank of midblade, this powerful fighter deftly wields his greatsword with crushing strength.

Doing battle alongside allies Anzien, Taybor, Dulari, Sheif, and Pria, Obasi does not think twice about risking his life to protect others. As any who know him will tell you, his overwhelming presence is surpassed by one thing alone: heart. When he isn’t fighting, laughing, or telling stories, Obasi can be found training new recruits, a task well suited for one with his considerable patience.

While much of his background is a mystery, Obasi has been known to tell stories of the Uchawi, an ancient, revered group of protectors that once watched over his people. He believed their incredible powers to be the stuff of legend, but recent events have left him wondering if there wasn’t some truth to the stories.

It is said that Obasi came from across the Aegaeon Ocean – perhaps one day we will hear his story.

Artwork by Terese Nielsen

Deleted Scenes

Exclusive DELETED scenes unavailable anywhere but here.

Sometimes, a scene doesn’t make the cut. Maybe it’s too long, maybe it doesn’t fit the pacing, or perhaps the story just went in another direction. Regardless, they’re not in the book, and therefore only available here.

Warning: If you haven’t read Vigilance just yet, you may want to wait to read these until afterwards.

Vigilance – The Ruins (PDF)

Vigilance – The Tunnel (PDF)

Windwalker – Amir’s Proving (PDF)

Upcoming Book Previews

Windwalker: Relic of the Dead

February 2019

Chapter One

Quiet! You’re going to draw their attention, Kiva scolded.

Let it be drawn then, Noor snapped. I’m tired of hiding like a frightened degu mouse.

Despite her protestations, Noor remained crouched and unmoving.

It’s just until we have the advantage, Kiva sent the thought to Noor. Even now, the shadestalkers are moving into position…read more

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