Recreance | Book One

Long ago, humanity conquered old age. But as lifespans grew, great wars erupted over dwindling resources, and humankind was brought to the brink of extinction.

In a merciless wasteland beneath the desert sun, the last bastion of civilization is ruled by Gabrial Penumbra, the Lightless Patriarch.

When Oren’s parents are murdered by the Patriarch’s forces, his world is forever changed. Escaping into the desert, he discovers a secret underground resistance where he trains under an enigmatic swordmaster. All the while, Oren never stops wondering what became of Clementine, the best friend he left behind.

In the two years following Oren’s disappearance, Clementine uses her talents to survive as a masterful thief. But when she agrees to a heist infiltrating the Patriarch’s defenses, she uncovers a secret so dangerous, she too must escape into the desert.

Now Oren and Clementine—estranged companions reunited by fate—must stand together against an ancient and powerful foe, or succumb and witness the fall of humankind.