Recreance | Book One

A millennium has passed since humanity cured old age, and nearly destroyed itself.

Welcome to New Arcadia.

In the broken land of Illyria lies the last surviving colony of humankind. Within its walls, the all-powerful Ministry controls every aspect of its citizen’s lives, including their lifespans. Those nearing one-hundred-fifty years of age must undergo Ascension, a mysterious ceremony from which none return.

Where the deeds of the guilty…

Oren has always tried to follow the path carved out for him. But as his great grandmother prepares for her own Ascension, he begins to question the laws of the Ministry. And while questions can be dangerous,

Recreance is always deadly.

Spill the blood of the innocent.

When white-eyed Ministry Breakers descend on Oren’s home, his parents are murdered before his eyes. Forced to flee into the deadly Miralaja desert, he must battle his grief, and take control of his destiny if he hopes to survive. But the desert can kill as surely as a blade, and instincts alone won’t keep him alive. As Oren uncovers the true nature of the Ministry, he soon finds himself caught up in a centuries-long battle for the survival of humanity itself.

When death is overcome, life may never survive.